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Friday, 28 December 2012


Welcome to FORTUNA Quest! This space is made for all those people who loves music, art, sounds and want to witness the process of learning. Everyone is welcome to suggest, advise, comment and ask all that you want.

What is Fortuna Quest? It is a 3 years long experience, starting on the 1st of January 2013 and finishing on the 31st of December 2015, that will change my life and hopefully the life of so many people. I was meditating about how to do something that makes me take all the most important things in my life and put them together in a master plan that makes me laser-focus on them. This plan will hopefully make me a better musician and will improve my skills of playing instruments, singing, composing, arranging, writing lyrics, developing creativity, setting up mics, recording techniques, mixing, mastering and expressing myself in English...

How does it work? Well, this is what I’m gonna do: 

-2013: I’ll record one song every day. On this stage I’ll gain agility using and preparing the devices needed to record. The leitmotif on this part is ‘Do everyday something new’.

-2014: I’m gonna record one song per week. Now that I´ve learnt how to use everything, I’ll take what I´ve learnt and apply it into musical terms. Better songs, better performing, better sound.

-2015: Then it´s the turn of the monthly songs. This year I’ll record my first LP with all the resources I can get until then. I’ll work more on arrangements and continuity that will complement a perfect album.

That makes a total of 429 songs which i’d like you to rate and comment. Musicians and artists are welcome to participate in my recordings, just tell me and we can arrange something. Good luck to myself, the beginning of the journey is near!

PS: Feel free to donate money so I can make the best of this experiment and spend more time and money on it.

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