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Monday, 25 March 2013

25th of March (84th Song)

Gates of Hell

Hi guys a quick one, I just wanted to try gates in my DAW since it was the last lesson in my music production course. Some distortions, compression, delay and EQs added. 

Thoughts: I used 4 different distortions in the song which I think is not very good, I don't know what happens with my distorted guitars that never sound very very good, any suggestion? I don't know why but I think is something related with compression that I haven't used at all. As I promised I was trying some EQs, mmmmmh, I need to spend more time on them definitely. The gates were cool, I fully understand the mechanism, but the song wasn't the ideal to experment with it, I'll try in future songs. I'm playing better the guitar now, muting the strings that I don't play is getting better, and I'm riding on the tempo quite good, it's taking less takes to record easy things like this. 

Enjoy it!

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