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Saturday, 18 May 2013

18th of May (138th Song)

GOA Solo

At last I could play drums through my e-drums with Mac, I don't have nice acoustic samples yet though, so I used today's song to make sure that I could do it. I'm recording tomorrow some songs with Myernark so I wanted to spend some time getting in the music mood that that requires.

Thoughts: Lack of time, some people say that that's the excuse for the losers, maybe I'm a loser because I can't find enough time to make better songs, although when the only things that I do during the day is work and make music, and learnd music too. Lately I have been looking for a job, seeing doctors, and let's be honest some leisure time, self feeding, rest and look for my girlfriend too, otherwise I would be depressed, but that just happens in small amounts of time, I don't have social life almost too, so where's the time? I'd pay for time!!! I don't even know how my girlfriend stands me when I can't spend quality time with her. 
Well less complaints, and les writting, takes off some of my worthy time. I was playing today drums, I always enjoy when I play drums, I had like 30 mins to make a song, I connected the laptop and asked myself: what don't you know about Logic yet? A storm of answers came to me, but I picked one, I'd never play drums triggering sounds from my electronic kit since I'm using Logic. I went for it and tried different things that made me see how ignorant I am, stuff about midi, controlling, ins and outs... But I found the way to do this through the Ultrabeat sampler.
I'm doing this lately: playing drums improvising just aiming for results, my goal is synchronize my ideas with my body, of course I had a lot of mistakes and that makes me as well improve in my resolve wrong beats. It's cool to work doing this, I think that I learn more than doing anything else, aiming for a goal and don't look around, little by little the thing goes to the right direction and soon I'll be able to express fully through my instruments. I really love music. 

Enjoy it!

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