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Sunday, 5 May 2013

5th of May (125th Song)

A Capella Blues

Hey, today's song is about blues, in Spain we have this song called "el blues del autobús" that is a blues that you improvise when you travel by coach, my cousin is my inspiration, we recorded him singing it like 20 years ago and I envied him, so great and just improvising. More than great extremely funny but I loved that, and I thought that I would have to record my song on the bus because I was working and I have a sound check for a gig tonight and I wasn't be able to stop somewhere and record the song, but I finished quite late and it was impossible to get the sound check, therefore I got some time to rest at home while I recorded the song and then go to the gig that I'm up to go when I finish to write this. I made the blues anyway but I wanted to keep the concept of improvising so I recorded it as if I was in the bus, with my 4 track app for iPhone and improvising not only lyrics, but also the guitar. 
Thoughts: Definitely it's impossible to record with the iphone without noise. It's implicit! I was at home in absolute silence and nothing, it's always hiss on the tracks and the more tracks the more noisy. I started to make the typical blues sequence in one track, then I recorded the moving fifth (I'll call it like that because I like how it sounds) in another track and I started with the 3rd one but while I was listening to the music my soul wanted me to do a guitar solo (with the voice, of course) and then it turned to guitar track and I had to guess what the voice would do later to exchange vocal phrases with guitar phrases, it has been a little weird, the logic order would have been first voice and then guitar, but has been very interesting. 
Then I started to sing in the forth track, and my blues started in spanish! WHY!?!? No idea. Probably because I was afraid of having mistakes improvising the lyrics, but in the second verse I got bold and I did it in english and I did it well! Oh baby baby was an easy one but when I arrived to the long phrase I didn't have idea of what to say and that phrase just came from my mouth, and I like it! Then I had to make a fade out because I didn't finish it very well and the app doesn't let you overdub.

Enjoy it!

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