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Monday, 30 September 2013

30th of September - Shakespeare (273rd Song)

I went today to see A Midsummer Night's Dream in the Shakespeare Globe theater here in London. The music was this style and I wanted an attempt to find out if I'm able to do music like this.

Thoughts: The play today was very very funny, I didn't think I was gonna love so much something from this old guy called William. Even when I didn't understand the 90% of the text I laugh so much. I was amazed how in this kind of music they end the songs in this peculiar way, when I sat down at how to find out what it was I realized that the play a minor tonality and the last chord they play the tonic Major. Very cool. It was difficult for me to find a good way to play this, I just filled the gaps with notes and I tried to make some movement, sometimes is cool, sometimes is lame. At least now I know that I can make something up if they want me to do this music. 

Enjoy it!


  1. Te ha quedao niquel. Me estás sorprendiendo últimamente con tu polivalencia

  2. Eres mi idolo Pas. Muchas gracias