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Sunday, 24 November 2013

25th of October - AOR (298th Song)

All my stuff is travelling to Madrid now and I only can record with my mobile whatever. This is the first of some of the worse songs ever written, but I'll take advantage to experiment with concepts and ideas.

Thoughts: Now that I don't have any intrument and I just have my body and my mobile I want to try some stupid things. The first one is to sing a full song with no ideas in mind, just go ahead and try to get my best song. I didn't know even which style I'd sing I just pressed 'record' and started to sing in a fake english since I'm so awful improvising in english, but I think any other language would be very bad in this moment. I think this is a good way to know what your body has to say, this time apparently I sang an AOR song, I guess it's because the intensity and the passion that I'm living this days. Leaving everything behind. I won't tell much here, but it's loads of things that I'm leaving here. I hesitated sometimes while singing it and obviosly that was a lack of focus. I felt the pressure of not knowing what would be the next. 

Enjoy it!

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