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Tuesday, 31 December 2013

Happy new year! Let's start 2014

Finally is 2014, the new year. The year when FORTUNA Quest switch to the next level. Stage 1 is accomplised succesfully. Now is time to more serious stuff. I've learned a lot and now this knowledge must be used and improved. Let's learn new things that because of the lack of time was impossible. Things that my mind can even imagine. Let's make things sound cooler. Let's songs get closed and more elaborated. Let's find the importance of arrangements. Let's grow up. 

This year has been a lesson per se. It's the first time that I finish something that I start in long term. I always give up and I pretend that I'm not interested when I actually am. I saw so many stages in this year that affected to my songs: The places where I lived, the people that I was meeting, the jobs I was getting, my mood, my neighgors, etc... I saw how this project almost died 2, the first one in April, I was too tired and I was thinking FORTUNA Quest was only bothering me more than helping. Between me, my girlfriend and my friends made me to see how many cool things I was doing and how much I was learning. I promised me not to give up anymore after that. Then in November. October was a very busy and bad month for me, I stopped making music just because I was overwhelmed with situations in my life and when I arrived to Spain finally I found that I had to make like 15 songs more that I didn't make before, so I grounded and worked hard, but it wasn't very depressing sometimes, hard and hopeless. I thought I couldn't do it but I did, and as soon as I get those extra songs done I just was so happy that loved the fact of spending a lot of time everyday to make the new songs. I enjoyed every single song and was focus, full of energy and happy. Now the month ends and I feel very exhausted, but it was really worth it. I'm very motivated with the new year ahead. I'm gonna do my best and do some good things with the blog, pages, I'll try to record more videos, create a comunity and learn a lot! That's the whole point, learn and share what I learned. Hopefully more people learn of what I'm doing. 

Now I want you to give me feedback, advices, questions that I'd answer and anything that could make from this a interactive social experience. Have a great year 2014, it'll be the best ever.

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