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Saturday, 12 January 2013

12th of January - Españoles, Franco Ha Muerto (12th Song)

 12th Song

Hello fellas! My friend came with a great idea. Write a techno song where there's a 'subidón', as we call it in spanish and then a silence with the good news: "Españoles, Franco ha muerto. And then the crowd yells celebrating the event. It's already a classic. 
I was trying to make Reason 5 to work but always there's something wrong, but step by step I'm fixing the problems, so I have to cancel my session and start the song on Nuendo that is the one that I can handle the best. It's not that easy to make techno on Nuendo as I don't know yet how to automate the virtual instruments to use filters and all that stuff in real time. 
The Quest is definitely working, I'm feeling how I'm working faster, I have creative ways to fix problems or create sounds, and I know better what are the things that I need to improve. I'm very happy about that. Hope you enjoy today with this spanish style party song.

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