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Sunday, 13 January 2013

13th of January - Confused (13th Song)


I woke up this morning with a chorus in my head and it sounded like Karin Park. I'm listening to them quite a lot lately and I love them. So I decided to write my new song. But I said: 'Let's do something crazy!!!'. So I grabbed my iPhone and I tried the first recording app that I got. It's called RecordStudio and it just have 4 tracks, no effects, no option to edit or fix any mistake you did, and the metronome goes to the 1st track only, so what I did was record first the guitar through my Cherub that lets you input a jack cable to your iPhone and I recorded, with the click of track 1, some takes until one of those wasn't too bad (because you can't get the old takes that you recorded either). Then with the harmony done I recorded bass drum beating my mattress with my fist and singing the backing vocals at the same time with the internal mic of iPhone. After that I went for the vocals, I fucked my voice a bit in the first takes and you can listen it clearly, it wasn't easy to make a take that I didn't fully hate. And then since the song sounded so extremely dry I tried some guitars and I chose this one and recorded it in track 1, where the metronome was. then I put the volumes as I liked the most and I connected the iPhone my interface and recorded the recorded in Nuendo. I didn't touch anything, so it's exactly as I recorded it. 

Thoughts: Studio record is very limited and I don't think is very useful, I'm sure other of the app that I got are better, but I don't know yet. I'm still improving a lot playing alternate picking with the guitar, and I'm doing a bit better with the slider, today I've understood why they are tube shaped (the curve makes much more easy to slide the string and if you put the finger inside you control the slider completely, if you grab it from the outside it can easily slip and you are losing the control). I liked to chage the modulation of my voice today, I've never tried to sing like Karin park before, but I screwed my thoat a bit as well. No bassy sound from the iPhone mic, doesn't sound like some one beating a mattress, it's more like steps, right? 

Enjoy it!

1 comment:

  1. Estas to loco eh? La verdad es que sonar suena un poco a culo y tu voz suena un poco como John Frusciante cuando estaba yonky perdido. Pero es una buena canción, si la desarrollas puede quedar debuti. Las letras parecen interesantes, qué tal subir también las letras?
    Me has dado una idea, hacer un grupo de hardcore que se llame Confused, qué te parece, te apuntas?