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Monday, 14 January 2013

14th of January - A.C.T Ending (14th Song)

A.C.T Ending


Uffff, I just finished the song in the last minute. It's not a whole song but a fragment of an ending that comes to my mind constantly. I spent the whole day trying to make it real, the solo was clear and the drums too, but was struggling with the harmony so much, so I've been trying everything that I could within my deadline. This is the result. It's a tribute to my favourite band ever A.C.T.

Thoughts: Ola Andersson is my favourite guitarist by far, and trying to sound like him have enforced this. I can't believe how he build his phrases, it's just genius. I've been learning a lot of the role of the bass in music, I think I tried everything below the solo and the sounds I got just amazed me so much. What a strong role has the bass in the music! I've learnt a lot about arpegios on guitar, you can't imagine how many times I repeated the guitar to make it sound like this and still is not really accurate. I just saw about the presets in Guitar Rig 5, it just worth to try them, very usefull. 

Enjoy it!

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