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Tuesday, 15 January 2013

15th of January - Surfin' London (15th Song)

 Surfin' London

Again just in time!!! I'm always on the edge. Now I'm ready to go to the rehearsal with my band. So... here's the new song, surfing style. When I first bought my first guitar 8 years ago I wanted to learn how to play surfin' music, Dick Dale was my favourite guitarist then. I never did though, but I wanted to try now, and so I did.

Thoughts: I've learnt a lot about soloing along a pentatonic scale, putting some 'blue' notes and create phrases, it's easier now to know when a phrase is made on purpose or it's just random notes and I really appreciate people with the knowledge of doing it properly. It's the first time in my life that I said to myself: "I need a capo fret if I want to record this song". I could play it without it but it makes it easier to play, it's like cheating but, hey, what the hell, the important is the music rather than how good I am playing an instrument, welcome technology! And I realize how tiring is to play a lot with the little finger on the bass. Reverbs and vibrators are a must been in surfin' music, I had to add one to the drumkit and all the guitars, I didn't do with the bass, it sounded good enough for me and I didn't have time to improve it. In one point of the song I arpegiate the rhythmic guitar to try to find something different, it's not proper surfin' but I like it. The ending is great, it came from a mistake but I love it.

Enjoy it!

1 comment:

  1. authentic...cuida el volumen d salida q se keda bajito sometimes...