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Wednesday, 16 January 2013

16th of January - 8-Bits Blues (16th Song)

8-bit Blues

Celebrating that I got a new Zelda tattoo I wrote a video game song. I put some of potential video games sounds made by myself.

Thoughts: Seeing this morning the Google presentation about the guy who invented the ice resurfacing machine I asked to myself: 'How the hell do they do to make does sound?', so I investigated and I found out how to. It's just basic synth waves. My friend Dan Nisenson explained me how to get those simple waves with FM8. I couldn't find the way to make drums sound but in Superior Drummer I found an Atari bass drum and snare drum which fitted perfectly in the style. I bit crushed can be used to create distortion.

Ejoy it!

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  1. su hubieras nacido 20 años antes serías multimillonario