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Friday, 18 January 2013

18th of January - Toisu! (18th Song)


I told you I was gonna record some vocoder voices and so I did! What better way of using the vocoder than emulating the best band on earth doing it: Polysics. They invented the Toisu! style, and that's why I called it like that. I sing in invented japanese, enjoy the lyrics.

Thoughts: I really need to invest more time understanding how synths work, it's very difficult for me to find the sounds I'm thinking of. I enjoyed using the vocoder although the vocoder plugin in Nuendo 4 is not the best or I'm not able to make the most of it. I felt the need of equalizing, it's something that my body asked me to do listening what I had and that'd never happened before. I didn't do very very well but I feel the improvement. I forgot to put the volume up. Rookie style. Sorry about that.

Enjoy it!

1 comment:

  1. tiene una pinta soberbia, pero algo falla en la grabación q la señal de salida es megadébil