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Saturday, 19 January 2013

19th of January - Never Falling Down (19th Song)

Never Falling Down

Hi guys, today I woke up at 8 I went to my job and I finished at 23, so... What I did? Give up??? No!!!
I arrived at home at 23:40 and I recorded in the last app that I used on iPhone 4 improvised tracks. I put the finisgh track on nuendo and I add reverb and delay automatation.

Thoughts: I learnt that is very easy to automatate the delay and the reverb in Nuendo, just press W then play, then turn the knob you want to, press stop and then you can edit the curve of the knob opening the automatation window. Great! I wanted to try a meltdown effect just whabbing and lowing the tune of the voice, it has been good to know that the results were good. The song sounds very lazy buut I did it literally in 5 minutes. My voice sounds a bit like Placebo, doesn't it? :P
Now I need a deserved rest. 
Enjoy it!

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