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Sunday, 20 January 2013

20th of January - 90's Jet Set (20th Song)

90's Jet Set

I'm back dudes, I couldn't upload them but I was workingo on the daily songs all this time.
I've been sick at the house of my "nurse", my only tools to create music were my voice, an acoustic guitar and an iPhone, so let's check out with I got from it.  

Lovely techno with a piano that reminds me the cheesy techno in 90's. I used a great DAW for iPhone!!! It's called MusicStudio and you can play with a piano roll several different instruments, and preset hundresds of chords, blend two instruments, change the envelope parameters of the instruments, volume, panning..., you have limitless tracks, you can edit: cut, paste, duplicate, delete, select any section, edit notes, lengths, pitch; you got a some effects (limiter, reverb, filter & pitch; delay, eq and amplifier availables on the pro version). 

Thoughts: I couldn't save the song and if I use this app to write more songs I'll lose it, but it's so great that I'll probably get the full version being able then to save it and have all the effects, more instruments and who knows what else. I didn't like just one thing: the effects goes to all the tracks or to the tracks with the FX icon activated, that means that you can't use effect separately. But anyway I think this app is worth it. The middle section of the song could work in a movie as it sounds like a waiting for something, you can use that to create tension or make some characters to talk and not getting focus on music, I don't know, it's what i feel! Anyway... I used again the yelling crowd effect that I love for explosions in music. I think I'll use it more times.

Enjoy it!!!

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