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Monday, 21 January 2013

21st of January - African Reality (21st Song)

African Reality

I wanted to capture the african nature and this is the best I could do. I used MTSR (MultiTrack Song Recorder) App for iPhone.

Thoughts: In the last song I uploaded I forgot to turn up the volume, I hope I never have that mistake again. So far this is my favourtite 4-track app despite of the proper DAWs apps (my favourite so far is MusicStudio which I used in the song before); easy to use, metronome, you can save the songs, you can send your track via email (aiff files, I need to check how to work with them...). Still first takes and always with headphones on, otherwise everything gets into the iPhone's mic. I like the song but voice and accent destroy the african sounding purpose, I don't own a black voice unfortunately, but I'll work on improving the feeling and get a bigger voice. I just had to cut the starting and fade out the ending with Nuendo at home, and I learnt how to change the curve of the fades, which is great! I have to remember not moving the iPhone when I'm recording, I got too much noise.

Enjoy it!

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