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Tuesday, 22 January 2013

22nd of January - Let Me Growing Up Old Witch (22nd Song)

Let Me Growing Up Old Witch

This time I worked more on the song as I hadn't more apps to use and I couldn't do anything new apparently, so I decided to make a two-track song, work more on lyrics, melodies, guitars. And then record it with the already used 4 Tracks LT and did it easy. I got throat ache and I sound like shit, but I had to try it at least. 

Thoughts: Sing when I'm sick sometimes is not a good idea, more when I have to reach higher notes. I tried to make the song the saddest as possible as I felt very down alone in my bed with fever. I'm always normalizing the track that I record from the iPhone to Nuendo to make them sound louder, I don't know if it's the best idea but it kind of work. If you have something against and know a better solution, tell me! I'm playing guitar better, and my chords are more complex as I need them. I was trying to find one specific chord but I failed, I'll keep trying it. Note to myself: If I play so close to the mic it will clip. BE AWARE OF THAT!!!

Enjoy it!

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