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Wednesday, 23 January 2013

23rd of January - T-Pain Double Bass Drum Lesson (23rd Song)

T-Pain Double Bass Drum Lesson

I'm laughing to death with my new creation. I just wanted to find the way to get a T-Pain effect on voice. And this is what I got. It's me just reciting a random page from a double bass drumming book by Virgil Donati. And sounds GREAT!!!!!

Thoughts: Interesting to use the Antares Autotune Evo. I was playing with it and seeing some tutorials, and I finally got this idea. I also used compression, eq and reverb with 311 (wink to one of my favourite bands) ms of pre-delay. I used that because I felt that it needed it. Isn't it cool? I can figure out some of the things that a track needs to be better!!! I used some voice production techniques that I was checking this days, like putting some clips in another track with a delay in it to delay some words or sentences. I like the background where an abstract wave is moving from left to right randomly. Nice effect! And I can play alternate picking relaxed as the song was required. :)

Enjoy it!