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Thursday, 24 January 2013

24th of January - European Bamboo (24th Song)

European Bamboo

Today I was thinking what to play so I grabbed a old broken acoustic guitar that someone gave to me because it was too bad and I started playing randomly, suddenly I realized that if I played in certain range of the guitar and plucked the strings very hard it sounded a bit martial. I love martial music and my favourite instrument is Shamisen. I even found the only Shamisen teacher in UK and I'm saving money to have some lessons with him. In fact I consider my favourite song You Were There from videogame ICO by Fumito Ueda (IDOL) who is also the creator of the best videogame besides The legend of Zelda series: Shadow of the Colossus. The music is composed by Michiru Oshima (IDOL) and I always listened to it followed by Castle In The Mist as it sounded at the end of the videogame. Playing something like You were there would be very difficult but I work in a song with 'Castle in the Mist' concept and started writting the song.

Thoughts: It wasn't very easy to thing about how my song would it be, so I just recorded a phrase loop it several times and add a change in the middle, so I started to record melodies over it until I was kind of satisfied. With everything recorded I realized that the structure was crap but it was too late to re-record everything. But the idea is there and I like it. You can listen the band that was rehearsing at my building all over the track if you listen carefully, I can't avoid that. And it really sucks. I used noise gates but the music was louder than the tail of the long notes, so I couldn't but I liked the effect that I create with them on the Harmonics that I played, so I used. I used a capo to play the harmonics that I wanted as I was struggling too much to play them well without the capo. I used the EQ a lot, and learned very much I think.

Hopefully next time I asian flutes, string instruments and of course my own Shamisen.

Enjoy it!

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