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Friday, 25 January 2013

25th of January - Moro, Juanes, Felicidades (25th Song)

Moro, Juanes, Felicidades

Today is my brother's birthday, and it's the birthday of my good friend Juanes (no, not the singer..., this one is better musician). I wrote a song to tell them happy birthday. And Slayer, Motorhead and Gojira have invided my mind. Happy birthday pals, I love you!

Thoughts: It's good to wake up and wanting to do a song so hard! I needed this. I'm not usually so excited and made me work from the moment I got home. I was recording the drums rapidly and not knowing so well what I had to play but I quantized and it sounded so lifeless that I decided to record again with a clearer idea. It's a good take, I admit that I quantized the china at the end of the song, I didn't want to record everything for that little mistake, and I always prefer to record in one take rather than overdub. But it's because I want to be a perfect musician (dreamer...).
I used again the djent stack in Guitar Rig 5, it always makes a lot of noise, I need to find the way to sound cleaner and that distorted, maybe I can't with a computer... or my cheap guitar... I'm still with throat ache and I tried to sing this anyway. I thought it would be worse, I find some ways to relax my throat, and it was very interesting to see how many exercise my ribs and stomach were doing, I don't know which muscles are involved but I really worked them!
I used reverb, delay and eq and I think I don't like any of them, hahaha. Work on voices is very hard! I'll work harder on them, singing better probably would help as well. The lyrics are in spanish but they're are great. I put a lot of intention in every single sentence, but listening to it now I would change some words.
My alternate picking is in another level now! For me it has been the more improved skill since I started. I learnt how to open a new project (ctrl+N), how to assign buses, place the cursors to loop or export.
Note to myself: Learn to master!!! I don't have idea how to, and I need to put the max. volume to the song without clipping.

Enjoy it!