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Saturday, 26 January 2013

26th of January - Two- Faced (26th song)


I had less than an hour today to do something, so I came with this idea: two different songs in one song, depending if you listen the right speaker or the left 2 different songs will sound from the same vocals and the same drums. 

Thoughts: Melody is shit, I just improvised something with that sentence, and I sung it reaaaaaally but as I haven't any harmony in mind, so sorry if it's too annoying. I used Native Instruments' 'Battery' because I wanted to learn something new, and I just took 2 different samples (bass drum and snare drum) and did them sound. 
The two songs idea is something that I'm gonna work more on, I was thinking on it and there are so many possibilities!!! You can be clever and do great things I think, like a M.C Escher painting where two different elements combine together making something wonderful. Evend when I did just the song in less than hour I generated a lot of questions about Battery and I got an idea for a song concept which is great. I don't know if someone already did this kind of songs, if you know someone I'd like to hear it so, please, tell me. 

Enjoy it!


  1. Lo de las dos canciones en una me parece una idea soberana. No se me había ocurrido nunca y no se si alguien lo ha hecho antes.