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Sunday, 27 January 2013

27th of January - Gatitos y Perritos (27th Song)

Gatitos y Perritos

Hi there! Today I met some friends at home, and... you know... this things happens, beers, fun, good music, a perfect plan! We were jamming for a while and then I said to my friend Juanes: Hey, we could record that song that you had written. So we start playing it. Some iPhone apps and some beers, that Bruce Billis brought, later this is what it happened. Cuteness is the main character of it and Juanes have worked hard in make it so artistic (he is the narrator).

Thoughts: We have a winner! The funniest song I think I will ever record. Juanes brought this new friend that produces music and he was talking me about DIs, interfaces, phantom energy, active circuits... Very interesting although I need to get deeper into that. Then I recorded all this instruments. It's better when others play as I can change the input gain easier. I conected the iPhone to record some sounds, this is the first time I do and discover some cool apps of cats, dogs and cool sounds. I tried to mix this mad song and that made me think a lot in which would be the perfect final sound and aim towards it, I felt like a producer for a moment. 
I'm quicker now with automatations, I used a lot of panning and I think it gives a better quality to the song. 
I used the limiter by first time in my life, very weird, I needed more volume and I didn't want to raise all the volumes up, I tried to put all track to a new group and try to raise it up but didn't work, so I decided to use the limiter and raise up the gain from there. I didn't really learn how to us it well, but so I will. 
Note to myself: I need to figure out how to make the sound of the Superior Drummer output wherever I want and I need to know how to bounce it sound.
Note to everyone else: Make music with your friends and have fun making music. If you know Juanes and Bruce Billis invite them, you won't regret. Great day, I feel more relaxed.

Enjoy it!

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