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Monday, 28 January 2013

28th of January - Darbuka Solo (28th Song)

Darbuka Solo

First of all, cause I couldn't make the my MOTU interface the default sound source  (just with Nuendo I can make it sound) I decided to download the drivers, and something went wrong and now my computer doesn't detect it, so I'll work on fixing it these days. I gotta use the M-Audio, which I hate so much, but it works. I was checking today the Komplete Ultimate 8 and I have seen a lot of tools that I would like to use, so I wanted something easy to work with, I didn't have so much time to work with. I saw a darbuka that the singer of my band Myernark lend me some time ago and I recorded it with an old shure SM58 mic that I got from a rubbish bin some time ago, unexpectfully it worked nice! I put it on the bed and I started to improvise a solo. It was a bit boring to listen to it, so I added a quick track of percussion with Superior Drummer. 

Thoughts: Komplete Ultimate 8 is huge, I'm gonna spend a lot of time trying things with it. I used the Reflektor reverb (send) and the Tube Compressor (insert), I'm not sure if this is the way of doing it but I gotta use Guitar Rig to use them. They are really good I think, I felt nice using them. A bit of reverb made the difference! And compression made it sound louder and evenful. Lovely
Note to myself: It's not a good idea to put the mic on your bed rather than a holder, as it moved a bit it made unwanted noises, but I like the sound I got from the darbuka. I'll you it for any song later for sure. I should work more on Superior Drummer, I can't do so many things that I want... I asked people on a forum and no one answers me, and I downloaded a tutorial with a lot of chapters, let's see if it answers my questions.
I gotta run to work now. I'd love to have more time everyday to work on the songs and fix my issues :(

Enjoy it!

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