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Tuesday, 29 January 2013

29th of January - Buy Me A Rainbow (29th Song)

Buy Me A Rainbow

I'm a big fan of Family Guy myself and its music is my favourite for cartoons ever. I was watching them and I listened to this song, I liked the harmony so I tried to figure it out. I sung the chords a capella and then sung the melody over there. It's was very funny.

Thoughts: Apparently the antipop it's not enough when you have 4 voices at the same time saying "p" from 'doop' and I'd like to know how to avoid that. It was good to sing every note of the chords separately, I could do it better but I didn't have too much time and I didn't try inversions that'd make it sound better.I couldn't reach a high pitch at the begining and the octave lower wasn't very good, so I recorded a falsetto take and the octave lower down and together work quite good.
I tried some different compressors, reverbs and EQs from Komplete Ultimate 8 and I'm starting to see how different they are, I though everything was quite similar, and it's not at all!!!
I wander what's gonna happen with the song as I don't owe the copyright, any bet? Will I go to jail? Will I pay a massive fine? Will they close my Bandcamp? Won't happen anything? Looking forward to know it.

Enjoy it!

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