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Wednesday, 30 January 2013

30th of January - 9/8 Nightmare (30th Song)

9/8 Nightmare

Hey I wanted to try some thing today, recording acoustic guitar, add some notes J. Viewz style, play in 9/8 improvising with the drumkit, try the Pop! expansion of Superior Drummer, reinforce sounds with electric guitar, sound very natural... A lot of things, I think I kind of got them. Eclectic song for disturbing minds waking up at 4am.

Thoughts: With the M-Audio pro track interface I sometimes have this issue recording MIDI drums, each hit becomes two clips overlapped and make the sound horrible. I need to know why that happens and how to solve it one I did, if I want to clear the take I must expend like an hour just deleting one by one the hits, so tedious, but probably it's another way to do it. I'll find it out. I'm doing some improvements with level balances, panning, EQ and reverb, I think the sound is not that bad despite of the bad recording (a lot of noise from the interface, the train passing over my head, shit guitar...). When I play during the night my songs are creepier. Is it a rule?

I've been improvising along the song with the drum kit, I learnt some things about 9/8 and I feel more comfortable now playing it. Great! 

Enjoy it!

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