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Thursday, 31 January 2013

31st of January - Fiesta End of January (31st Song)

Fiesta End of January

Today is the last day of my first month! Well done Edu!!! So I wanted to celebrate it playing a super happy song, it's a classic Rumba soloing along of it.

Thoughts: A band started rehearsing door to door with me and all the sound of they rock is recorded, you'll listen to it some times. It's very difficult for me to play the rumba pattern with the right hand, so I was inaccurate and getting wrong so many times, even I played a minor chord that I had to turn to major in the middle, so tatty, but hey, it's the first time I play rumba! And my wrist was doing quite good at the end of the recording. 
Soloing over this was quite funny and very difficult to, the good flamenco guitarists change a lot between 2 different scales and I tried to emulate that. Since I recorded the guitar first with no metronome it was difficult to play well the claps, I wanted two claps and pan them a bit as two different persons clapping, I tried to put a bit of pre-delay to pretend they were 4 people, but it didn't work very well. It was impossible to blend different clips from different takes as the noise outside is so loud. I need a quiet environment!!!
But I'm happy, still 11 months to succeed the first year. So motivated.

Enjoy it!

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  1. no dices nada de q sea una versión de "sueños de nata" del gran Capi Cibera