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Sunday, 6 January 2013

6th of January - Love Serenade (6th Song)

6th Song

This ballad is made just to practice some improvising skills and using the slider that I hadn't had used before. The results are quite good. I learnt a lot about soloing. I also tried to get the 50's sound so I used reverbs and tremolos. I'm not very happy with the sound of the solo guitar, I think I would need a warmer guitar.

Enjoy it!!!


  1. Muy conseguido el sonido 50s. Al slider le falta algo de practica. Creo que es más fácil si afinas la guitarra en algún acorde no? o no?

  2. Oye, esta me ha flipado. Muy mi palo. Te dejo me guitar cuando vayas a grabar de esto. Mi guitar y mi persona, si es menester