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Monday, 7 January 2013

7th of January - There's Something About Djent (7th Song)

7th Song

Hey, I woke up very early to record this song. I'm so busy today, but I did it pretty well. Today I wanted to try some Djent, that is mostly what I've been listening the most. I'm not crowling, but maybe next time. It'll be really lame :)

In order to get sort of the sound needed I lowed down my 6-stings guitar to A (Yeeeah!!) that is the lowest I could do. I did the same with my 5-strings bass (this was easier). Then I found some djent presets for guitar rig from youtube and I tried. The preset was just an amp with distortion and a distortion pedal over it, so double distortion, some EQ that accentuated the bass and treble and cut mediums. The last past could have been even hevier but I couldn't improve it because of the lack of time. I shamely had to quantize the drums at the end... need to improve my double bass. 

Enjoy it!

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