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Monday, 11 February 2013

11th of February (42nd Song)

 Reguitaring Everybody Wants To Rule The World

As you already knew I had on my own the multitrack session of Tears for Fears' Everybody Want To Rule The World. It's only 8 tracks and some instruments are mixed together but you can see how the whole song worked. I wanted to replicate the guitars and I recorded them by myself. Very very funny and very very difficult to make them sound cool. All the guitars are mine excepting the two cool solos.

Thoughts: Was great to studied this song, and unfold the tracks, I could see how difficult is to proper mix something. I struggled a lot with the sounds, but I learnt soooo much! I learn some new guitar techniques like how to mute different strings with my pinky or how to grab the pick for a better sweep. My accurancy has improved a lot although I can listen to a couple of unaccurate chords. The chorus is a must used in 80's guitars as I imagined and I can see why now, they sound so much treblish that is something that obviously I wasn't having with the EQ. I see how they cut low frequencies, It's very obvious when you compare your take with the original. I still didn't get perfect copied sounds as I'm using different guitar and Guitar Rig to find the most similar. 
Reverb is always used and delay a lot too. OMG it's so great to try to emulate great ones! I think I learnt much than ever about guitar sounds and mixing today.Some guitars sound a bit louder now but in the same take it was louder and lower notes so I don't know it's something that I would fix with a compressor or automatation or playing it better.
There's a guitar that sounds double because it was on a keyboard track and I couldn't remove it.

Enjoy this masterpiece!

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