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Tuesday, 12 February 2013

12th of February (43rd Song)

Classical Feeling

I woke up today with a classical mood, remembering how great I feel when I listen to Pachelbel's Canon. This song is made thinking about it and using Kontakt Instruments. I saw an harp in the list and I couldn't avoid to use it, it's lovely!

Thoughts: Classical orchestration is for like the top in musical knowledge, this one was just 3 cellos and an harp but I really would like to try with a lot of instruments and express the biggest emotions with all of them. Of course it's gonna be done in the next years, longer and better. 
It's lovely the amount of good virtual instruments I have in Kontakt 5, the instruments sound very nice, not that much soloing with the cello but you can change some parameters and I think I can make it sound better next time.
I'm feeling how my melodies are super random in this stage of the Quest. I hope it's just for a short time. The harp is super super super random, I'm not very proud, but listen its sound is so great.

Enjoy it!

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