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Wednesday, 13 February 2013

13th of February (44th Song)

It's a Kitten Under Your Stuff

Today's song has been written with my iphone while I got my brake at work, I got double shift so I didn't have any time to do it but my brake. I recorded the voice in the toilets. I wanted to say 'There's a kitten under your stuff' but sometimes I don't think enough and the english mode in my brain doesn't work. The song sound like a presentation of the characters in a kart video game, the reason it came to my mind probably is that I watched Wreck it Ralph two days ago, and there was a cool kart game called Sugar Rush, this song would work perfectly on that game.
It reminds me a lot as well to 'Sweet like chocolate' which I loved so much many years ago.

Thoughts: Why a kitten? Why under your stuff? I don't know, but for me worked, it was the first thing that came into my mind as I love the cute kittens too much. Music studio is the most useful DAW for Iphone, I think I'll buy the full version soon. You can record audio, you can edit everything, duplicate tracks, use effects and many things more...
When I pass the music from the iPhone to the interface I can't do it stereo, so some of the information has be lost and you can't listen to the original, I need two RCA to stereo TRS to get it. I'll get them soon.

Enjoy it!

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