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Thursday, 14 February 2013

14th of February (45th Song) Valentine's Day!!!

That Was Just Love


Today is St. Valentine's Day and that deserved a love song. I grabbed my acoustic guitar which is the warmest instrument I own and I opened my heart. It's a short bit of minimalistic love but some people think that the best things are in small boxes. Happy Valentine's day lovers.

Thoughts: I wanted to figure out the way of make something sounding in one speaker and the reverb in the other and I found the way, I didn't like it for this song but I see a lot of possibilities from it. The melody reminds me another song I already made, Am I repeating myself? I hope I'm not doing that as so many bands that disappointed me, besides I don't love this melody and if I repeat something I want it to be something that I really love doing. 
I started doing EQ just removing unwanted frequencies as a good friend of mine recommended to me, I think is harder for me but I'm gonna do it for long time and see the results. Probably the best way to do it is a combination of removing and adding frequencies, so I'm gonna train my brain to figure out which frequencies are bothering, so far I find it very difficult. Two different reverbs have been used from Komplete 8 they are cool but I don't know yet how to make them sound as I want to. 
The fresh breath at the end could sound better, working on it. It's like my sign. Love it!

Enjoy it!

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