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Friday, 15 February 2013

15th of February (46th Song)

You Can Do It, We Can Help You

Hey, I've met today my friend David, this song is his idea, he's a great player and he's sorting a band influenced by Converge, and he's looking for a drummer, everyone interested tell me! He did all the guitars and I did the bass and drums. Bass played quite bad indeed, it fucked up the energy in the begining of a section.

Thoughts: Again a great way to have social life and a great time while I'm doing to many things that I can't almost meet anyone is to bring people home to record whatever. I've really enjoyed making this song, Davida had some ideas and we worked in making them sound. He brought his guitar and I could hear the different between a good guitar (Ltd ec-1000 deluxe with an emg 81 pickup) and mine and how both could work in depending the sound needed. The mix was quite difficult and I hadn't enough time to do it very well but it's a beginning as we are gonna meet again to make it better, and better, and better. Compression on bass, a lot of EQ everywhere, reverb on some guitars... 
I still have the problem of record two clips everytime I hit a pad with the electric drumkit, it's M-Audio Pro Track fault somehow and MOTU is still out of order. Crap
I've learnt a lot of guitar watching him playing and I've learnt more about bass sound and playing too.

Enjoy it!

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