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Saturday, 16 February 2013

16th of February (47th Song)

Punk 'n Rolla

  What it started with an idea turned to another totally different, you can see how the song suddenly change from a happy punk song recalling Toy Dolls to an intense rock song. Not enough time to sing some vocals, but it'd have been great.

Thoughts: Well, first of all the bad things, it suck when I have cool ideas and I'm not technically prepared to play them on guitar and bass (no consistency of sound and bad solo). The sound of my guitar starts to annoy me, it's cold and there's no life in it. My good interface is still out of order, and this one still records 2 clips per hit, already posting in a forum looking forward anyone answers me with some helpful tips. The two parts of the song are nothing to do, and I miss some guitars in the first one. I forgot to play some cool stuff on bass that I'm reminding now.
And then the good things: I think the sound is better than my own average, I worked a lot on Eq, I was asking for myself for different things (i.e: Would be nice a big reverb here). I'm playing more confident the guitar even though I couldn't play some things that I though. My solos kind of keep the energy of the song better than in other songs. I'm doing best picking with the bass and my fingers are stronger. As I'm playing better I'm better trying things that I suddenly think about and I don't forget them so easily as usual. I used a fuzzer on the bass at the begining of the second part and I panned from left to right just to see the effect, it's kind of good but maybe too much.
I tried a new Eq that a friend recommended to me, I have to work more with it because it seems to sound cool. I'm very happy, today I feel like the Quest is getting results.

Enjoy it!

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