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Sunday, 17 February 2013

17th of February (48th song)

La Lambada


I'm sorting a latin cover band and I think it's cool to do it. We are learning a lot of different styles and having a lot of fun. One of the songs we are rehearsing is La Lambada. At the end of the rehearsal today we decided to record it and here it is. We did very fast as it was too late, but it's not that bad, soon we will play it very well. Iñaki plays piano and bass, Ines on vocals, Dan playing guitar and myself drums.

Thoughts: MOTU is fixed!!! It's doing weird things though, I'll figure it out. Thanx to Dan Nisenson. He gave me some tips as well about guitar sound, and he mixed a bit of the song. Interesting.
My brother told me about mastering, he told me to use limiter, equalizer and expander, so I did, it sounds very weird I think because of the expander but this is just the begining. I'm doing things quite fast now when I need something, so it's cool. I used auto-tune but I didn't fine it very well and you can notice some weird fluctuations of the voice. I'm starting to know the differences between different reverbs and knowing when I should use each.

Enjoy it! 

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