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Monday, 18 February 2013

18th of February (49th Song)

Welcome To My Dungeon


Today I got a rehearsal again with my latin band, I kidnapped the keyboardist and the guitarist and we start improvising things, Dan set his own rack, Iñaki choose his sounds and I tried the first new kit I found on Kontakt. Massive reverbs everywhere, darkness but some sunlight beyond the clouds can be found. 

Thoughts: It's cool to write songs with others, I can see some more points of view, I almost didn't do anything, just seeing what they did. The things are faster as we record some tracks together, and I can work more with the sound. 
This song was very difficult to mix and I'm not very happy wit the mixing, the mastering is improving a it. I'm seeing so many things that I want to try soon, so I'm very excited and looking forward uncover the secrets that my sofware hides. 
I learnt to use markers today selftaught, and I tried a tip from a sound teacher I had consisting in recording several voices at the same time and since they all can't have headphones I play the music though the speakers while recording voices and then I record just the sound of the speakers in other track that I invert the phase in order to minimize the sound of the music, quite complicated to explain and it worked just a bit.
We recorded some tracks after the main thing and then I sort the music with putting them whatever I thought was better for the song, I felt like a producer for a moment and feels nice :)

Enjoy it!

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