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Friday, 1 February 2013

1st of February (32nd Song)

New Diet

I'm getting sick all the time lately and I think it's because I'm not eating very well, so I decided to eat better from now, I'm vegetarian and I need a lot of extra proteins and vitamins. I did this song to celebrate my new diet. 

Thoughts: I had 30 minutes to record something, and I always wanted to know how an acoustic guitar played by me sounded with delay Buckethead style, I put some sounds of the symptoms of my sicknes: dropping nose, bad cough, breathless... and then I improvised in a pentatonic scale. Not so easy for me, I had to do like 10 takes, but finally I did something that sounds quite good. I love to use delay and intercalary the real notes with the delayed ones. It's something that the guitarist of my band Deco Pilot does a lot. Now it's time to eat better! And no, I'm not gonna eat chicken, it's just a tribute to Buckethead

Enjoy it!

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