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Saturday, 2 February 2013

2nd of February (33rd song)

Dancing Wearing A Tennis Headband

Hey guys, I got a new great song, I couldn't do a melody for it but it sounds good, very 80's as I love.

Thoughts: I really like this song, some sounds, the structure... I'm definitely working on it next year deeper. At first I used Massive and I spend some time getting a sound that I liked but suddenly it stopped working. So I run my 80's FM7 and I started again and did this. I have always liked the way they used a lot of layers to create rhythms, so I tried the same, and I like even when I could spend so many time on it. I used a synth bass and it sounded a bit empty so I recorded an electric bass as well and the results are very fine. I'm happy with this song but sad because I couldn't make it better because the lack of time. See you next year with another name 'Dancing Wearing A Tennis Headband'

Enjoy it!

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