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Sunday, 3 February 2013

3rd of February (34th Song)

Soy Un Toyaco

I got a rap, first in my life, I don't got the flow you know? I was working in another song and my computer just stopped working for a while so I started singing a loop in my iphone. I had to make it in a very few time, and write the lyrics in the tube. 

Thoughts: I almost fainted singing the drumbeats, now I got all my respect towards the beatboxers. I realized (too late) that is good to use antipop for the iphone. Later I recorded the voice at home, I tried with Shure SM58 but it was a mess, so I repeated with a condensor one that is quite better, I start to understand the difference between some mics. I didn't mix or anything as I finished the song 10 minutes later than the deadline. Upssss

Enjoy it!

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