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Wednesday, 20 February 2013

20th of February (51st Song)

Sweet Heroine

After some chatting about Synth with Dan today we played some stuff, he had an idea and we worked on it in the few time we got to. He told me the guitar was inspired by John Frusciante. I played the bass in the first section and I repeated it at the end, and drums too, he plays all the guitars and the bass in the middle section.
Thoughts: I felt a bit lazy today and I decided to go to the cinema just for my amusement (guys, I really needed some rest) so we spent 1 hour with the song.  I just tried the vintage drum kit on Kontakt and trying to figure out what makes each knob. I kind of got it. Some basic mixing at the end. Didn't have time for more. 
It's annoying when I had a great bass line in mind and then I started playing and since I stucked too much figuring out the begining I forgot the rest and I had to reinvent it.

Enjoy it!

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