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Thursday, 21 February 2013

21st of February (52nd Song)


I started today a online course on sound design and I started to read the Nuendo's manual from the beginning to know all the possibilities that a powerful DAW offers me. Everyone is recommending me Ableton Live, Avid Protools and Logic. No one likes the one that I use now and it's the only one that I could get with Sonar as well, but they are not that popular. I know that logic is easy to use as I studied it at the school and it's very intuitive but I don't own a Mac. I tried Live and is messy for me right now but looks nice and is great for real time live music. Protools is the most famous, should be alright. I want to use all of them but now I kind of know Nuendo and I'm gonna get deeper with it and when I know what kind of things I can do with it I'm sure that it'll be easier to learn how to do them with the other platforms. 
Regarding the sound design course it talks about timbre and how overtones work changing it. So I was just trying things not knowing exactly what I was doing with FM8 synth. Then I got a sound from the scratch that gave me an idea for a song and I started doing it. And this is the result. For the melody I just tried to change some parameters a bit just because it clashed too much with the harmony, but it sucks a bit. 

Thought: I'm so excited, I'm gonna find out a lot of the resources of Nuendo and I think that's gonna give me a lot of ideas to try doing myself my favourite question: "What would happen if...?" 
The sound design opens a new world in front of my eyes and it's great! I'm very bad on it and I want to be great so let's do it! I'm 80's music lover and the synths were the core of the 80's sound, I need to be better on this. 
The composition is ok, very easy but because it sounded boring sometimes my body asked me to change some chords just for amusement, and the results are good. I like when the song finishes completely different and then starts the beginning again, it's like the loops on old video games. It reminds me of Mario in the water stage, that's why I called it 'Coral'.
The melody is very random at the beginning but it started taking shape and get alive. I enjoyed the process to get it. 
By the way, listening to all the music that drops in my hands I'm hearing reverbs everywhere. WTF?
Enjoy it!

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