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Friday, 22 February 2013

22nd of February (53rd song)

Dr. Ciriaco

I did this song having in mind Polysics, that was the first idea I worked from. Then I put a synth arpeggiator as I'm watching more sound designing videos clips from the course, then I spent the most of the time on mixing having a lot of fun. It is a mixture between Polysics, Lenny Kravitz and the music of Cyriak (my favourite visual artist).

Thoughts: The song changed radically what I played the synth but it was kind of the weird thing that I was looking for this song. I learnt how to automatate the length of the notes having a bit of lucky because no one told me how. I had a lot of fun looking for sounds after recording! With Guitar Rig (stacking some effects), FM8 (mixing 2 different waves) and Superior Drummer (trying a lot of toms, bass drums and snare drums). And then the mixing, how funny it was today! Inserts (Chorus for the guitar), buses (for distortion and decorative guitars), Inserts (Chorus for the guitar that it really needed it), Sendings (some reverbs). And I'm seeing my progress as I was more accurate getting the sound I wanted. Still not great but bit better. FORTUNA Quest is working!!!

Enjoy it!