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Saturday, 23 February 2013

23rd of February (54th song)

FORTUNA Delite Custom

Sampling your own sounds for a virtual drum kit is such a funny thing.  One by one I was designing sound with the help of a mic and my creativity. Some sounds are pure some are mixtures. Then just play my electronic kit with them and, viol√†, a song. Apples (I had to go to buy some just for the recording) and fresh breath are must used. It seems like I say Pu-ta that in spanish is not a good word, just for the record, I didn't do on purpose.

Thought: Learning a bit more about Battery 3, I combined different sounds depending the velocity on the pads, I changed pitch, I made the software learn the MIDI notes, and much more things. Then recording some samples mixing different sounds that I gussed could work together, some EQ in some of them, some reverbs and then the easy thing, playing drums. When I improvise drumming I tend to play kind of the same tempo always and the same kind of groove, need to change that.

Enjoy it!

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