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Monday, 25 February 2013

25th of February (56th Song)

Test 2 (Snare Madness)
There are sometimes that I amass so many questions that I need to make just a test. This is the case. I worked on automatation and effects that I hadn't tried yet. I recorded two random tracks and put them together.
Thoughts: I spent most of my day tuning the snare drum since I change the snares and the bottom head and I was experimenting with great sounds, after that I wandered how would be the difference recording it with the two different mics that I have, I have a condenser one and a dynamic, I preferred the sound with the dynamic, the condenser was to airy and thin. Then I tried automatations and my DAW looked messy and it was difficult to work in that mess but I think I can improve that as well, I'll keep trying. I used some of the effects in Nuendo by default, and automatated some parameters too. Interesting session. Listening to my snare through my mics I decided to change the tunning, it's not that cool as I thought, need more tension in the bottom skin probably, less air inside the shell... 

Enjoy it!