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Tuesday, 26 February 2013

26th of February (57th Song)

Treasure Chest

That's the music I would probably make if someone ask me to do the music for a new Monkey Island videogame. Looping it over and over. The challenge today was to use orchestral sounds and a challenging guitar for me. 

Thoughts: Some issues came to me using the orchestral virtual instruments of Kontakt, such changing the articulation of the notes, I think I must make a track for every articulation, or maybe automatate it? I must try later. The guitar line is great, it's the basis of the song, I first recorded it and then the rest, a bass line with a tuba, an oboe repeating the guitar line, some percussion and then decoration with the violins, I had the biggest issue here, because I didn't have time enough to do what I wanted to do and solve my questions. I like the song though, and in my mind is a full orchestra version that maybe I'll work on the next year.

Enjoy it!

1 comment:

  1. Me encanta, muy bien esos violines. Podría ser perfectamente la bso de 'Sluts of the Caribbean'