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Wednesday, 27 February 2013

27th of February (58th Song)


Funky song with a speech of my friend Juanes. Great one, I censored him as he only was saying bullshit. Loads of fun making it, trying guitar sounds, bass lines and horn section. If you want to have an affair with him just tell me, I think he's doing very sexy, doesn't he?

Thoughts: It was a challenge for me to censure some words from the speech as I had to find out how to make a sound that fits with the censure concept, I almost get it synthesizing it, but still sounding like a 8 bits note, and I had use the automation to mute the voice with the same length as the beeps. I couldn't get a good funky sound, first of all because I'm not grooving very very nice, but more than that, the sound is shit. The chorus on guitars is not very nice but I think is the effect I require, maybe different chorus product, maybe other parameters. I really want to get a good 80's funky sound with the guitar so I'll investigate more about it. The bass clicks and is not very nice. The drumkit gets a lot of natural reverb that I can't remove and that annoys me! The horn section sounds like crap, I think I need a software designed with horn section purpose, I was using separated sax, trumpet and trombone with the sounds of Kontakt by default but I think is more for classical music. The mixing is quite bad, need to work more the funky style.
Was cool to record the Juanes' voice, he just told me, I'll do if I do it with a dynamic mic. I set one and he did it in one take, nice speech and I added delay, reverb and distortion. That's the best part, no doubt.

Enjoy it!

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