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Thursday, 28 February 2013

28th of February (59th Song)

Boat Runaway

Closing a new month, Yay!!! I'm very happy but a part of me wants to run away far and have holidays (not this year Eduar). I used the web to make this song, it was recommended by the sound design course that I'm doing. 

Thoughts: This song sounds like a boat chasing to me, I don't know why, but I'd love to know. Soundation is a great tool to learn how to use a DAW, very easy to use, with all the basics. Great effects, Virtual instruments, and good ound FX. You can automate (so far I was saying automatate all the time) everything very easily. I didn't find out the shortcuts or maybe it doesn't have, and that makes a bit awkward to do certain kind of things. 
I've done 2 months already, still 10 remains. Great! It's being hard but highly rewarding. I'm again motivated enough to face the next month (with its 31 days). Hopefully I get more feedback, it's really frustrating to learn everything without professional supervision it's like escape from a burning room through a tiny hole full of blades and spikes, painful, awkward, hopeless but necessary. Any suggestion for the next step?

Enjoy it!

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