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Tuesday, 5 February 2013

5th of February (36th Song)

Mad Solo

Today I felt a bit frustrated, lately I didn't play a lot of drums and the time is becoming my worst enemy. I record something quick with my voice and put it through Native Instrument's "The Mouth" with no tempo, then I created a clip with it of 4 bars at 150 bpm and I looped it. Then I spend the rest of the time I had in playing hundreds of solos, I didn't leave the best, just the last one, but I admit that I failed millions of times during. It came with the idea of a drum a bass but really free.

Thoughts: I just discovered that Reaktor has so many things inside? It's great! I saw so many tools there. I'm very happy that I have still so much to try. Mouth is very interesting, you record a voice and then you can choose the way you want it to sound, if you want a bass in it, a vocoder any effect and a synth, a lot of possibilities and you kind of can use it as autotune too.
I like very much how drums are recorded with click and the vocal is totally random and clashes a lot, but I always hit the crash on the one of each 4 bars. I don't like the ending as I cut it in a bad way. That makes me think in some techniques that I wanna try...
I really feel great too because I played for 2 hours like a fucking beast non-stop. I got my first 2 blisters in 8 years and it feels great, less technique and more rock! Feel like when I was starting. I turned the frustration in massive motivation :D

Enjoy it!

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