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Wednesday, 6 February 2013

6th of February (37th Song)

Funky Arch

I had this song today stuck in my head all the day "Do you Think I'm sexy?" by Rod Stewart so I wanted to do something similar. So recored a bass line (too similar to be honest) and played over there. I had 2 hours, so I didn't work so much in arrangments until they told me that I got some more hours. It was to late to change somethings but I could work on different synths and percussion. I chose a melody for the chorus and random solos for the verses. I took some ideas from Men, Women & Children too (highly recommended)

Thoughts: In Komplete there are some bass simulators and trying any of them was my goal today, it's very nice, easy and quite real. We stuck recording the guitars (Juanes was here at the beginning) but finally we did something not fully bad, I can't play chords quicky alternating pick, the pick slips always of my fingers, I had to record it with my naked hand.

I struggled a lot finding sounds with Absynth, FM7, FM8 and Reaktor, I don't how to do to make them sound better, it's something that I must work on but it's something that I will see deeper definetely in the second year.
I like Battery to get sounds and change some parameters like the pitch but it would gonna take a lot of time to set a whole kit that sound good even when I know that the results would be very nice. A lot of things to do next year! I suck on piano, the solos are so bad... even worse then on guitar.
Very difficult to mix this song, probably I haven't chose the right instruments and effects. And I never find the sound of the kit that I would like with Superior Drummer. Probably with drums I might be working on. I used a limiter at the end and I think I damaged the song even more. The song is nice, I'd like to make it sound great!

Enjoy it!

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