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Thursday, 7 February 2013

7th of February (38th Song)

Don't Judge Me Sir

Today was a day to try something weird, play a song only with iPhone apps. Nice experience, I have some opinions about some of them, some are very bad sounding, some sound good, some are very sensitive when you press the screen, some are not, some have some effect by default, one of them did bad noise... But anyway, here it is, a ball of differents apps pretending to be a song.

Thoughts: I'm gonna delete some apps immediately, but some are useful, the shame is that most of them come with their own reverb and that's not good for the mixing. The Eq has been a nightmare but I learnt a lot of it. Everything sounded with no shape and I was trying make every instrument understandable. Wasn't easy at all and the result is not the best but I did well. With some apps it was impossible to be accurate with the rhythm as they sounded when they wanted not when I did. No effects at all. Of course no reverbs. I still have in my mind the yesterday's song and I can't erase from my brain. It's cool but it's too much. STOP!

Enjoy it!

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